Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)
Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)

Five Element Doll – Kim (Metal) (JA0006A)

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Major Material: Cotton and Polyester
Major Color: Cream, Pink and White

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

It is well known that the ancient great Greek philosophers, more than 2 thousand years ago, conducted a broad range of studies, almost all inclusive in scope; in their exploratory thinkings and studies of nature and things at their time.
Their accomplishments; was later referred in whole as the “Greek philosophy”; or the “Greek system of thinkings or area of studies”.

After careful reviews and assessments, by numerous later modern day scholars, this ancient Greek philosophy or the Greek’s way of thinking, is now widely recognized as the forerunners or as the originators of various different modern day science disciplines today such as but not limited to: political philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, ontology, logic, biology, rhetoric, aesthetics, astrology; medical sciences, and so on and so forth.

Roughly during that same period, if not before that, but located on the other side of the world, thousands of miles away in old ancient China, another group or generations of Chinese scholars, who were totally oblivious of their Greek counter parts’ work or the Greek’s particular system of thinking or studies, developed on their own, another unique type of philosophy; or an unique Chinese system of thinking or area of studies, which was later referred to as “Wu Xing” (or also commonly referred to as the Five Phases); (Chinese writing: 五行).

Like their Greek counterpart, the “Wu Xing” philosophy; or the “Wu Xing” system of thinking or studies; were equally broad in scale; abstract in theory and quite inclusive in nature.

What made “Wu Xing” the philosophy, or the “Wu Xing” way of thinking or studies, different, from their old Greek counterpart, however, was that:
As a whole, the “Wu Xing” school of thoughts, compared to the Greek philosophy, was more humanized in nature; with more of the welfare and goodness of the mind and soul of the common people as their main focus of study or emphasis.

Most noticeable within the “Wu Xing” system of thinking is a concept now called the “Five Elements”. (Also referred to by various other different names such as: the Five Agents, or the Five Movements, or the Five Processes, or the Five Virtues; etc. today).

The Five basic Elements were composed of: Metal (金), Wood (木), Water (水), Fire (火) and Earth (土); the five most common elements that were available on earth.
According the “Wu Xing” system of thinking; surprisingly these five supposedly “inert” basic natural raw material are not static nor lifeless as commonly perceived; but very alive and active and can interact so intensively that they can affect people’s daily life.

As a matter of fact, according to the “Five Element” doctrine, these 5 supposedly lifeless raw materials are so active that they constantly interacting continuously; in shaping, influencing, and molding people’s daily life, fortunes and their inner character developments daily.

As the Greek philosophy or the Greek’s way of thinking, is now recognized as the forerunners or as the originators of various different modern day science disciplines today; the original “Wu Xing” system of thinking; after undergoing similar careful reviews and assessments as their Greek counterpart did, by numerous later day modern day scholars; is now also recognized as the forerunner or as the originator of various different modern day less recognized “sciences” or “studies” such as Geomancy or Feng Shui; (In Chinese: 風水), Chinese astrology, modern day traditional Chinese medicines, music, the development or evolution of individual human characteristics; martial arts; amongst a few others.

Most noticeable is that fact that these particular “sciences” or “studies” are almost all people oriented; with the goodness and the welfare of the common people as their prime focus of study.

Within the “Wu Xing” philosophy or system of thinking; is a key concept of “五行相生, 五行相剋”. (Pronounced as Wu Xing Xiang Sheng, Wu Xing Xiang Ke). (Loosely translated; It states: while any one element of the Five Elements, can easily lead to one other; at the same time, one element can also prevail over one another.
While at the same time, the same element may easily compliment and help one other at the same time.

As these seemingly contradictory statements, are both very abstract and confusing; please excuse us if we do not go into the details any further here.

The important thing to remember here is, however, that under the constant influences of the active “Fiver Elements”, there is a strong invisible interactive bonding force actively affecting every body’s daily life; which can affect all living beings on earth continuously.

In recognizing this strong invisible force that is active operating all around us, the term “Five Elements” is used here to refer to the abstract and yet invisible strong bondings amongst the closest of friends, or to refers to the close and interlocking relationship of the 5 “Five Element dolls” here in our brand new doll series.

In our newest doll series, the “Five Element dolls” are about five children who came from five different families, with different family backgrounds and with five different personalities; who only met by chance after attending the same study tour together and later on developed a strong and lasting friendship among them.

After meeting each other during a study tour; the five young ladies instantaneously got attracted to one another as if united by an invisible strong magnet; where soon afterwards, a lasting and bonding friendship developed amongst the five.
Under this strong and invisible bond of friendship; the 5 young friends; each gifted with their own unique character; would assist each other to overcome their life’s many challenges later on; and helped each other to achieve their individual goals in their later individual lives, which would have been impossible to do so, for any one of them, if acting alone.

The first one of the “Five Element” doll series presented here is Kim – Element of Metal; full name: Ms. Hie Na Kim.

Young Ms. Kim’s family originated from Korea.
Born a simple and decisive little girl, young Ms. Kim is gifted with an extraordinary photographic memory. Maybe it is because of this exceptional gift, that Ms. Kim always acted more mature than her actual tender age would dictate.

Totally un-girlish like since childhood, young Ms. Kim is strangely captivated by the foreign “sports” or “the art” of Chinese Martial Art.

The first Chinese Martial Art movie that young Ms. Kim went to see, was about a special school of Chinese Kung Fu - named Yong Chun (詠春).
After this movie, young Ms. Kim was instantaneously interested to learn more about Chinese Kung Fu.
Unlike other little girls of her age around who likes to play with dolls, young Ms. Kim spent most of her free time learning and finding out everything about Chinese Kung Fu instead.
After Kim’s first lesson of Yong Chun (詠春), young Ms. Kim got so excited and so obsessed with this particular school of Chinese Kung Fu; that young Ms. Kim began to imitate and practice the movements, by herself, in her spare private time daily.

Witnessing this, Kim’s parents promptly arranged young Ms. Kim to attend a private Yong Chun (詠春) lesson, while happy to see their daughter enjoying such a healthy sports activity with such enthusiasm.

In the initial Yong Chun (詠春) lessons, before learning the actual Martial Art movements themselves, Young Ms. Kim was surprised to find out, that the first thing she had to learn and to master, was the tranquil and serene philosophy of old Chinese scholars before.

To be exact: Young Ms. Kim had to first learn and master the paradoxical concept of “Overcoming Hardness With Softness, Conquering Strength With Weakness” (In Chinese: 以柔制剛,以弱勝強. Translated it reads : Yi Rou Zhi Gang, Yi Ruo Sheng Qiang)
This teaching emphasized and teaches the important concept of “going with the flow”. Do not try to counter a violent force at you by another violent force of your own; this teaching teaches. Instead try to ‘dissolve’ or ‘melt” or “side track” any brutal attacks at you by soft counter movements.

Apparently the school of Yong Chun (詠春), does not only teaches a person how to fend for oneself faced with any possible future attacks; but the school of Yong Chun (詠春), could also help prepare a person to be philosophically prepared to overcome possible future challenges in life; by countering any such problems or “attacks in life” by ‘dissolving’ or ‘melting’ them.

By learning the paradoxical concept of “Overcoming Hardness With Softness, Conquering Strength With Weakness” (In Chinese: 以柔制剛,以弱勝強); here, Yong Chun (詠春) is supposed to help young Ms. Kim to build a flexible more “iron-like” personality; which sometimes could be as hard as a metal compound (like a metal alloy), while at other times can be as soft as molten metal (like melted gold).

Maybe it was because of these Yong Chun (詠春) lessons, that young Ms. Kim soon found herself actively imitating the actions and moves of well-known Chinese Martial Art actors, that she had seen in the movies, in her spare time.

As Ms. Kim’s parents worked in a jewelry business where they had to travel out-of-town many times every year to attend different jewelry exhibitions and meet with customers abroad; young Ms. Kim soon found herself frequently tagging alone with her parents to different countries on various occasions.

This year, young Ms. Kim happily agrees to accompany her parents to Beijing for a extended trip, in line with coincidental summer holiday recess from school.

As young Ms. Kim is obsessed with Chinese Martial Art, Ms. Kim was very excited and looked forward to her Beijing trip.
In preparation, Kim’s loving parents wisely pre-arranged two activities for their beloved daughter: one was a short-term class of Chinese Martial Art, while ; of course; while another was a study tour camp; where young Ms. Kim can get to meet with different children from various different parts of the world.
In arranging young Ms. Kim to attend such activities; Ms. Kim’s parents hope to provide young Ms. Kim with a chance to get to know more new friends; and in hopes that young Ms. Hie Na Kim would not miss out on her childhood due to her parents’ constant travelling abroad on their job duties.

After a long anxious wait, the day for the long awaited study tour, once arrived in Beijing, is finally here.

With much anxiety, young Ms. Kim packed her belongings carefully, while her mother wisely prepares some snacks for young Ms. Kim to greet and share with her new friends.

Ms. Kim was very excited about this study tour.
“What new friends will I get to meet tomorrow? Will they like me? ” These were the question in Ms. Kim’s mind before she finally fell asleep that night.

Item included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Sleeveless Dress, Vest with Sleeves, Pants, Head-piece, Socks, Shoes and Limited edition story book

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