8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)

8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0015A)

Ruby Red Galleria - Four Kindergartner
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Major Material: Cotton and Polyester
Major Colour: Cream, Beige, Gold and Light Blue

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Theme of the Four Kindergartner in the year 2016: Story about their grandmothers and their influences over their individual family values.

Every family has their own unique and honored set of family values. The name of Ishara’s family value in Chinese is 誠信(chenɡ xìn).

誠信(chenɡ xìn) means honesty and fairness. Children raised under the concept of 誠信(chenɡ xìn) is coached to act honest and to act fairly in their later adult life.

Ishara’s grandmother’s named was Ishanvi.
Grandmother Ishanvi originated from a small village in rural India called: Hiwara Bazar; which, at that period, produced a lot of Indian’s premium textile fabric..

At their time Ishanvi’s parents were famous and professional fabric dyers.
Most of the dying works were done in their big rural home backyard.
Using simple dyes and a pair of magical hands, Ishanvi’s father could turn any plain white fabric into a variety of splendid Indian fabrics decorated with colorful patterns.
Ishanvi’s mother was Ishanvi’s father’s most capable helper; who washed, rinsed, hanged; and organized the dyed/undyed fabric skillfully in orderly manner.
Working together in good coordination, Ishanvi’s parents continuously dyed their much sought after vibrant and colorful fabrics; to be delivered and sold at the nearby market every week continuously.

Ishanvi had an elder sister. Nickname: Big Sister.

Because of their parents’ busy daily full time works, Ishanvi’s elder sister; older than by Ishanvi 7 years; inadvertently became Ishanvi’s supervisor who looked after all of Ishanvi’s daily activities; in and out of school and all other daily social activities inclusively.

Ishanvi’s elder sister, as a social guardian, was very strict in her requirements.

In the supervision, Ishanvi had to report to her Big Sister for everything she does: or plan to do daily; and everywhere Ishanvi wishes to go.

As a young child, Ishanvi did not like such strict supervision .

Being a smart little girl, and in order not to provoke her Big Sister, Ishanvi wisely played out the role of an obedient good little girl at home.

Deep inside, however, Ishanvi was a free spirited little girl.

Given the right opportunity, Ishanvi would rather skip classes to catch butterfly with her friends; or to climb trees; or to catch worms.

To obtain more private play time, without supervision, Ishanvi’s favorite lie to her Big Sister - was that she has to go to the local study room/library, to be back at home before dinner time.
In reality, Ishanvi did not go to the library/study room as promised; but instead played secretly by herself or with her friends somewhere. Occasionally Ishanvi would even use her lunch box money to buy candies to share and enjoy with her friends.

In front of grownups , Ishanvi understood the importance of pretending to be a good girl. Otherwise, Ishanvi would be restricted to home by her authoritarian Big Sister.

As time went by, such inconsistencies in social manners created 2 different personalities inside Ishanvi. In house Ishanvi was always the sweetest, most loveable, obedient little girl; while outside by herself, without supervision, her naughty personality would prevail.

One Sunday afternoon, after being exposed of her favorite lie by her Big Sister, Ishanvi was restricted to home for a whole two weeks period.
Realizing that the it was time for her favorite worms to be transformed into their next phase, Ishanvi desperately wanted to go out and to observe the evolutionary process personally.
Out of viable excuses, Ishanvi pondered in agony.

Finally, in desperation, Ishanvi yelled out “Big Sister! Big Sister!”.

Her sister put down her hand embroidery work and asked “What’s wrong, Ishanvi?”

“Big Sister! I have an unbearable abdominal pain. I need to go see the village doctor immediately!” Ishanvi responded while rolling on the floor pretending to be in extreme pain.

Alarmed by Ishanvi’s painful syndromes, Big sister shouted out loudly towards the backyard for help. “Father, mother. Come quickly! Ishanvi is sick!”

Moments later Ishanvi’s parents dashed into the house hurriedly.
Her father’s hands and clothings were badly stained from the dyes stuffs he was working on.
Ishanvi’s mother came in limping badly from a newly swollen twisted left ankle.
Apparently worried about Ishanvi’s sudden sickness, and running in from the other side of the big yard, through all the freshly dyes fabrics hanging overhead; and the many piles of dyed and undyed fabrics laying around everywhere; Ishanvi’s mother accidentally tripped and twisted her left ankle badly.

Surprised by the warm response, Ishanvi stopped crying and starred in disbelief at her mother’s swollen ankle and the sweat that was dripping down from her father’s face.

“Ishanvi, what happened? Don't scare me.” Ishanvi father asked, his face flushed in red caused by concerns.

“My dear, tell mum what happened.” Ishanvi’s mother enquired, holding one hand over her left ankle to help relief the pain, while limping lamely toward Ishanvi.

Stunned by the reactions, and feeling guilty for her lie, Ishanvi could only break out crying loudly in response. Tears soon gushed out from Ishanvi eyes.
Mistaking Ishanvi’s eruption of tears as a result of a worsening stomach pain, all the family members promptly gathered around Ishanvi trying to comfort Ishanvi by planting concerned kisses on Ishanvi’s tearful face.
Father quickly hurled Ishanvi onto his back, and bolted out the door towards the direction of the village doctor’s; with the rest of the family in close pursuit.

On the way, now feeling really ashamed of her deceptive actions, Ishanvi halted her crying and from her father’s back shouted out “Sorry dad!” loudly in apology.
Startled, the running group stopped while Ishanvi’s father gently slide Ishanvi off to the ground from his back.
“Sorry. Everyone. I lied. I don’t have any stomach pain.” Ishanvi muttered.
“Big sister was too strict with me. I lied so that I can go out and look at the butterflies.
If I had told her the truth, Big sister would never had let me go out.
“Sorry mum, I didn’t mean it.” Ishanvi continued, feeling really guilty and regretful for her dishonesty.

Catching up, and starring Ishanvi intensely in her eyes in disbelief, Mother finally asked:
“Honey, do you understand why Big Sister has to be so strict with you? Have you ever thought about it?”

Ishanvi shocked her head in response; while starting to cry again.

“Let me tell you a story.” Mother said.
“Once upon a time, a naughty boy lived in a remote distant village; where he worked as a shepherd boy for the village.
Herding his herd of many goats, each day, on the high ground pasture just outside the village gate; where he can see for miles around the village each direction; the little boy was all alone.
As time went by, with just the many goats to accompany him, and no one to talk to nor the play with, the little boy felt unbearably lonely.
To gain some desperate attention and for self-amusement, the naughty boy began to pretend to have spotted a tiger.
‘Tiger! A tiger is running towards the village.’ The little boy would yell out occasionally.
Heeding the alarm, the villagers would all stop what they were doing; pick up whatever sticks, hoes, axes or weapons within reach; and rushed out together toward the village gate to defend against the approaching tiger.
Seeing the villagers rushing, running, sweating and stumbling over one another in their hurried reactions; made the naughty boy laughed out loudly in glee.
‘You people are all so stupid. It was just a joke. There is no tiger!.’ The naughty little boy would shout out while rolling on the ground from uncontrollable laughter.
Once, twice, three, four and more times, the naughty boy continued his same lie and bad joke repeatedly.
Each time, the villagers, believing in his warning, responded by rushing out by taking up arms to defend against the elusive tiger; and each time; there was no tiger; and all the villagers could find was just the little boy laughing his head off.
As time went by, all villagers were fed up with the naughty boy’s mischievous pranks; and did not react to his tiger warnings anymore.
Then one morning, the naughty boy spotted a real tiger that was running towards the village. As there were some children who were playing near the village gate, the naughty little boy ran as fast as he can down towards the village while shouting out loudly in warning “Tiger, tiger, approaching the village gate!!!”
As all the villagers thought this sudden warning was just another one of his practical jokes, no one reacted until it was too late.
At the end, the tiger entered the village; and finally ran off with a body of a little boy in its mouth; but only after seriously injuring a few other young children at the village gate – one of them was the naughty boy’s little kid brother.”

“My dear, now do you understand how important honesty is? We have to be a honest and fair persons at all time, who never lies; no matter what. Or else you would lose all credibilities with the people around you, while destroying the most important thing amongst people – trust.”

Realizing her mistake, Ishanvi apologized to all her family members repeatedly and promised “From now on, I shall treat others with honestly and would not lies anymore.”

Afterwards, the group continue their way to the village doctor; this time only to seek help for mother’s swelling springe left ankle.

This honorable concept stayed with Ishanvi for the rest of her life and later it became her guiding family value after she gets married and had a family of her own. Now the message behind the tiger story has become the corner stone of Ishara family’s existing family value.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Dress, Pants, Under-pant, Head-piece, Earrings, Little doll with cloth, Shoes and Limited edition story book

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