8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)

8'' Four Kindergartner - Ishara (FA0017A)

Ruby Red Galleria - Four Kindergartner
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This year, the theme of our Four Kindergartner is “blessing” – Both blessings received from others, and blessings given to others willingly.

In her own tender childhood age, Ishara’s grandmother, Ishanvi, loved nature and all kinds of little animals alike.

Whenever young childish Ishanvi had free time, she would always wander around alone in the forest behind her house, bringing whatever fresh and delicious food she can find; in order to share them with her little wild nature animal friends there and to play with them.

One hot summer afternoon, young Ishanvi unconsciously fell asleep alone under the cooling shade of her familiar forest. Moments later the sky suddenly turned grey. Then a strange “si si” sound emerged from the forest. Startled, Ishanvi awakened to try to find out the source of the strange sound. Overhead, Ishanvi was alarmed to see a giant bird flying over while emitting loud noises. The giant bird was so big in size, that it blocked out the sun rays above; and threw the whole forest into total darkness. Then, with a loud “Boom” noise; a light bolt flashed, and the whole forest was suddenly bright again!

Drown with extreme fright, young Ishanvi fainted.
Moments later, young Ishanvi awoke, surprised to find herself now laying on the front yard of her house instead; with a colorful long bird feather next to her.
Confused, young Ishanvi immediately bolted up, ran into the house, with the beautiful long bird feather in hand, to seek out her parents.
Moments later, young Ishanvi was able to find her parents in the house. Excitedly, Ishanvi recounted her unbelievable encounter earlier to her parents; while periodically grasping for breath.

Silently Ishanvi’s mother and father listened patiently until Ishanvi finished her whole story; while examining the colorful bird feather in their hand closely.
After a brief private discussion between Ishanvi’s father and mother; followed by a moment of silence, Ishanvi’s parents calmly concluded that Ishanvi must have just met the mythical guardian of the forest reputed to live nearby.

The next morning, Ishanvi’s parents prepared lots of fresh fruits in offering and thanks for the blessing and personal encounter from the mythical forest guardian.
Weeks later, based on Ishanvi’s memory, together with the now much treasured colorful bird feather, Ishanvi's mother helped Ishanvi make a fabric doll in tribute of this miraculous encounter.

Since this fabric doll was made with the belief that it possessed certain mystical power to protect young children; the finished fabric doll soon ended up always accompanying young Ishanvi everywhere, since the moment the fabric doll was finished.
Many years later, after her own granddaughter, Ishara was born, grandmother Ishanvi finally decided that it was time to part with her much-treasured guardian doll; by giving this old mystical fabric doll to her beloved young granddaughter Ishara instead.

With this gift, grandmother Ishanvi hoped that this mystical doll can one day protect her darling granddaughter Ishara; the same way it had protected her throughout her years earlier.

This year, young granddaughter Ishara turned 5 years old.
As 5 years old was the same age as grandmother Ishanvi first met her guardian of the forest; Ishara and granddaughter Ishanvi together decided to again prepare some fresh foods, and then went back to the same forest; in order to give thanks and gratitude for all the protection and blessing received from the nature and their guardian angel through-out the past.


Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Pale Pink and Gold

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, blouse, pants, underpants, hat, shoes, head-pieces, little doll, and Limited edition storybook

Limited Edition

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