8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)
8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)

8'' Four Kindergartner - Miki (FA0018A)

Ruby Red Galleria - Four Kindergartner
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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Cream, Beige, Red and Pink

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

This year, the theme of our Four Kindergartner is “blessing” – Both blessings received from others, and blessings given to others willingly.

In Miki’s village, every second Saturday in the month of June, the villagers would gather all the horses around the village center square. Decorated with many colorful jingles and flamboyant ribbons, the villagers would proudly parade hundreds of beautiful horses around the village square in an attempt to bless all the villagers to have continuous good luck throughout the year. This has been the village’s traditional annual blessing ceremony for many years.

To partake in this happy blessing ceremony this year, and in tribute to her Japanese heritage, young enthusiastic Miki had donned on her favorite traditional kimono as the one shown here.

A year earlier, a family-owned mare happened to give birth to a little female baby pony, born on the same month and date as Miki’s own birthdate. In absolute joy, and from that date onward; Miki soon became good friends with this little horse that Miki lovingly named ‘Cherry Blossom’.

Recently, one afternoon, Miki was playing out at a nearby small creek accompanied by her young pony friend ‘Cherry Blossom’ only.

In order to catch some fish, Miki soon ventured out into the middle of the calm creek, by herself, until the water was about waist-high. There, in the middle of the creek stream, to attract the fishes nearby, young Miki started to jump up and down frantically amidst the seemingly tranquil water.

Without any prior warning signs, however, a sudden strong surge of water stream abruptly gushed towards Miki.

Unaware and unprepared, young Miki, who can barely swim a little, was washed away downstream, in surprise, by this sudden jet of water.

Witnessing this incident, young mare ‘Cherry Blossom’ immediately entered the water in an attempt to save Miki.

As the gushing water current was too strong and too furious, the young mare‘Cherry Blossom’ who cannot swim herself, had no choice to recede on shore and abandoned her failed rescue attempt.

All that the young mare ‘Cherry Blossom’ can do, at that moment, was to swiftly run along the banks of the creek, following the drift of young Miki, while crying out loudly for help.

Fortunately, a few adult villagers nearby heard the loud strange panicking sounds emitted by the young mare ‘Cherry Blossom’; and ran over, in time, to spot the desperate struggling Miki in the water; and promptly save poor Miki from the traitorous waters of the swelling creek.

In the end, luckily, young Miki survived relatively unhurt from this accident; except for a few sore bumps and bruises on her body.

After that incident, Miki and ‘Cherry Blossom’ developed an even stronger bond of friendship between them than ever.

In memory of this incident, this June, young Miki decided to decorate up ‘Cherry Blossom’ as best as she could, in order that young Miki can proudly parade her lucky and beautiful ‘Cheery Blossom’ in the village square, in the hopes that beautiful ‘Cherry Blossom’ can also bring the same good luck blessing to all her fellow villagers, throughout the year.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, blouse, shorts, underpants, socks, gloves, shoes, head-pieces, little doll and Limited edition storybook

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