12" Miu Miu (HA0016A)

12" Miu Miu (HA0016A)

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Miu Miu is a 12” doll, made with durable vinyl and hard plastic, similar to our Ten Ping doll, with 21 posifirm® joints which provide high poseability and flexibility to the doll.

Who is Miu Miu?
Miu Miu, Ten Ping’s everlasting best friend.

It all started with a chance encounter, by Ten Ping, with Miu Miu - a simple doll on display in the front display window of the local Wing On Department Store on Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China.

It was that exceptional calm and soothing facial expression of Miu Miu that first attracted Ten Ping to Miu Miu.

Upon her first sight of Miu Miu, Ten Ping instinctively knew that she had found a true friend; a friend that Ten Ping can talk to intimately and comfort her in life in her moments of need.

Afterward, whenever Ten Ping felt unhappy or need someone to talk to, a short visit to the Wing On department store display window would brighten Ten Ping’s day up.

In the beginning visits, Ten Ping just felt comfortable while whispering softly her thoughts or problems to Miu Miu who was sitting all alone on the other side behind the thick display window.

As visits went by, however, Ten Ping could swear that Miu Miu was also talking back to her.

“Ten Ping, be brave and strong, for yourself and for everyone around you. I will always be here to help.” Ten Ping could hear Miu Miu the doll said back!

Soon, Ten Ping knew that she has found her best friend. Although a simple doll, Miu Miu has also become her guardian angel, her mentor, helping and guiding Ten Ping to reach her most distant goals; while soothing her heart and giving her the courage to face and overcome the many challenges and hardships in growing up; and assisting Ten Ping to help her younger siblings to grow up; without the aids of her distant parents.

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Blue and Beige

Items included: Nude doll with make-up & Wig, School Uniform Set (Blouse + Skirt), Underwear Set (Top + Shorts), Socks and Shoes

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