Ruby Red Galleria is founder Ruby Ho’s ultimate passion project. After working in the doll industry for over half a century, Ruby decided it was her turn to make her mark with her own unique brand. Thus, in 2008, Ruby Red Galleria was born.

Ten Ping was one of the first doll series launched by Ruby and the team. The dolls function both as beautiful pieces of art and as physical manifestations of Ruby’s storied history. Ten Ping’s design and story is directly inspired by Ruby’s childhood in the Shanghai of the 1950s, and companion dolls such as Gigi, Yu Ping and Shan mirror various friends and family. Other notable series created by Ruby Red Galleria include Lia, Four Kindergartners and Girls of the Orient, which have all become very popular amongst doll enthusiasts.

In addition to creating exquisite dolls and doll fashion, Ruby Red Galleria also offers high-quality doll accessories such as mohair suitable for reborn dolls and wigs that fit a variety of different dolls on the market. 

This year is Ruby Red Galleria's 15th birthday. Since its inception, Ruby Red Galleria’s mission has been  to create premium dolls, doll wigs and doll accessories that value artistic integrity and that are loved and cherished by doll collectors the world over. We hope to continue this mission for the next 15 years, and many many years after that. 

Highlights from the history of Ruby Red Galleria

Highlights from the history

of Ruby Red Galleria

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History of Ruby Red Galleria-2
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