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Special promotion of new website grand opening

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To celebrate our new website grand opening, for those who place order on our new website from today to 31st December, 2013, can get a special gift from us, don't miss the chance, enjoy the happiness with us!! Congratulation~~

For customer who purchase reborn mohair/ toddler hair, can get 2 pairs of socks and a hanger (MSRP: USD9.9)

For customer who purchase wigs for 18"Play Girl, can get a set of cloth set for 18" Play Girl (MSRP: USD12.9)

For customer who purchase items for Bleuette, can get 2 pairs of socks or a hat for order with amount USD50 or below; get a pair of boots for order with amount over USD50 (MSRP: USD9.9 for socks & hat/ USD21.9 for boots)

For customer who purchase items for 12" InMotion Girl, can get a cloth for 12" InMotion Girl (MSRP: USD10.9)

For customer who purchase items for StrawBerina, Lati-Yellow, Lati-Yellow SP, Riley™, Blythe™, Pullip™, Momoko™, Pukifee™, Rosenlied Monday™ or Bisou AI™, can get a pair of knitted glove or a knitted hat with scarf (MSRP: USD7.9 for gloves/ USD12.9 for hat)

For customer who purchase items for Honee-B, Puki Puki™ or Brownie™, can get a pack of accessories (MSRP: USD12.9)

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