HA0021A Yu Ping

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HA0021A Yu Ping

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Navy, Purple, Plum and Orange

Wig Size: 4.5 inch

The following story describes how GiGi and little Yu Ping first “bumped” into each other, and later on became good friends.
Maybe it is because of this chance meeting, that stimulated little sister Yu Ping to got to know GiGi very intimately later on in time; even better than her elder sister Ten Ping ever did.

One sunny day, GiGi was enjoying herself, while outside walking backwards in her neighborhood as usual. Humming her favorite tune, and enjoying the occasional glimpses of the blue sky in between all the freshly washed linens fluffing and hanging densely overhead above, GiGi was enjoying herself.

Ouch!!! A sudden cry howled out from behind.
Spinning around, GiGi find a small 3-4 year little girl knocked over on the ground, hands and knees bleeding and crying out loudly in pain.
Hurriedly, GiGi helped the little girl up from the ground. But the little girl could not stopped crying.

“Sorry! It was my fault”. GiGi apologized emphatically.
Soaked in tears, the little girl’s face was cover with mud and dirt. Her little hands and knees were all bruised and bleeding.
“Are you hurt? Are you in pain? I can help heal you. Well at least, my grandmother can help heal you.” GiGi comforted the little girl in apology.

Seeing the little girl was by herself; “Are you alone? Where is your mother?” GiGi asked.
“I got separated from my elder sister. I am lost! And I am bleeding!” the little girl finally managed to reply, in between her nonstop sobbing.
Hearing this, GiGi hurriedly took out her handkerchief, wrapped up the little girl’s bleeding knee wound best she can; and then gently tossed the little girl onto her back; and ran back home quickly to Grandmother for help.

Once home, grandmother promptly administered first aids, by sterilizing and cleaning the wounds, and bandaging up the wounds more properly.
“Now see what you have done to this little girl?” Grandma reprimanded GiGi sternly.

“Now see what you have done to this little girl?” Grandma reprimanded Gi Gi sternly.

In response, Gi Gi brought out a box of her treasured candy, and promptly offered the box of candy to the sobbing little girl.

“Candy!” smiled the little girl, forgetting about her pain, while grasping tightly the pretty box of candy in her little hand.

Suddenly, there was a series of urgent loud knockings on the door. Grandma opened the door quickly.

At the door way stood a freckled face little girl with two long braided hair on either side of her head, and her face all flush red with anxiety, and breathless from running too fast.

“Excuse me! My name is Ten Ping. I got separated from my little sister. A lady at street corner told me that she may have come to your house. Is she here please?” Asked Ten Ping, politely but nervously.

~’Elder sister! Answered a familiar little voice from inside the house. Yu Ping, the little sister, appeared smiling, with her little mouth filled with candy.

Gi Gi quickly apologized to Ten Ping repeatedly. And promised that she would be more careful when walking backward on the street in the future.

Grandma respectfully offered Ten Ping a hot cup of soy bean milk and a seat to sit down and chat.

It turned out that Ten Ping and Gi Gi attended the same primary school together; with both of them in the same grade; but attended different classes in the same school.

That was how Gi Gi and Ten Ping first met. And soon afterwards, Gi Gi and Ten Ping became the best of friends.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, wig, blouse, vest, pants, Under-pants, little tiger, socks, shoes and Limited Edition Story Book

Limited Edition
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