HA0005A Ten Ping

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HA0005A Ten Ping

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Product Description
Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Navy Blue, Antique Purple and China Red

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

My little sister Yu Ping was about to start kindergarten!

Three days prior to her start of school, I took out some of my old kindergarten clothes and carefully ironed them out. Luckily my old school clothes fitted Yu Ping perfectly!

Seeing Yu Ping in my old clothes reminded me of the happy days when I was in kindergarten. I was very excited for Yu Ping with her new adventures to come.

To match the clothings, I took out a pair of my old kindergarten shoes that I had so prudently saved. Unfortunately, to my dismay, the shoes were too big for Yu ping’s small feet. I watched as the shoes hung loosely on her feet and I pondered desperately, what should I do?

Suddenly a past scene flashed through my mind. My mother had made shoes for us before! I just had to copy what she did!

I immediately went through all the shelves in search of scrap fabric materials, selecting those that were appropriate for the new shoe.

Next I prepared a simple paste by mixing flour and water, and carefully placed the fabric scraps into the mixture. Once the fabric scraps soaked up the liquid, I carefully took them out one by one and placed them on a mirror to dry.

After the fabric scraps dried, they formed pieces of sticky cloth. I cautiously mixed and matched the different colored fabrics and carefully pieced them together. I stacked enough fabric until the combined cloth was thick enough to be used to make shoes.

“Yu ping! Come here for a moment!”
My sister joyfully hopped onto an oversized chair in front of me while dangling her legs around.
“Stop moving! I need to measure your feet!”I commanded.

Measurements in hand, I started sewing Yu Ping’s shoes stitch by stitch. Finally, on the evening before that Yu Ping was to start school, the shoe was finally finished! The completed shoes cannot be classified as a work of art, but I was still very proud of it.

Upon seeing the finished shoes, Yu Ping rushed to put on her new pair of shoes and started jumping excitedly up and down on top of our only bed.

“OUCH!” Yu ping suddenly cried out in pain. “My feet hurt!”
Cautiously, I took the shoes off of Yu ping’s feet, and inspected the shoes closely.

Apparently, I had made the shoes a bit too small. But as there was no time left nor was there enough spare fabrics to re-do another pair, what was I do?

Then I came up with a brilliant idea worthy of a child I decided to wear and stretch Yu Ping’s new shoes myself for the night.

Of course, my brilliant idea did not seem that great during the night. My feet were red and swollen from wearing the too tight shoes, yet I held my tears back and lingered on for my little sister…

Next morning, on Yu ping’s first day of school, Yu Ping tried on her new pair of shoes once again.

“Jie Jie (sister)! It fits perfectly! I love it so much!”
Hearing that, I was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment. I smiled as I watched my little sister’s excited face and somehow the pain from my swollen feet seemed to have disappeared momentarily.

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, shirt, piece-pants, under-pants, socks, earrings, shoes, shoes making material pack and limited edition story book

Limited Edition

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