GA0021A StrawBerina, A Brave Princess

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GA0021A StrawBerina, A Brave Princess

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Major Material: Cotton & PU
Major Colour: Cherry, Baby Pink, Peacock Blue, Violet, Red, White & Black

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

Here, StrawBerina, is a princess of in her wonderland kingdom.

One sunny afternoon, dressed in a lovely poker dot dress, together with her tea pot shape head-piece, outlined with matching cute white dots shoes and handbag, Princess StrawBerina went out alone to go to an afternoon tea party with her friends in a distant corner of her vast, beautiful but deserted palace garden.

While walking under the lazy shades of a line of trees, suddenly, StrawBerina was engulfed in a strange sudden dense layer of fog.

Unable to find her direction, StrawBerina was frightened. But in seconds, StrawBerina managed to gather herself together, and walked straight forward, following her memories and her sixth senses. Minutes later she finally exited from the sudden murkiness; to yet to find an unfamiliar lake in front of her.
Kneeling down, the reflection of the lake water startled her.

In the water reflection, she looked like a cat. No. Worse! She has become a cat!

There were sharp claws in her hand and fury hair and whiskers on her face and body. She cannot believe what she has seen! The strange fog has somehow turned her into a wild beast!

Suddenly, behind some nearby thick groves, StrawBerina overheard some strange voices talking about her and her beloved palace.

Swiftly, StrawBerina hid herself behind some nearby shrubberies to eavesdrop on what the strangers were saying.

To Strawberina’s horror, these strangers were the enemies who are going over the final plans to attack her palace during the afternoon tea party.
Alarmed, StrawBerina knew that she must stop this vicious attack, no matter if she is now a cat or a real princess.

After a loud shout, StrawBerina jumped out used her newly acquired sharp claws to pounce on her enemies.

Surprised and terrified by this giant cat which appeared out of nowhere, the enemies scattered, and run for their dear lives away from the attack of this strange wild beast; and were never see back again.

StrawBerina has save the palace from an imminent danger!

Intrigued, StrawBerina, commented:
“Mum, the name of the princess in this story is the same as mine. So am I a princess too?” StrawBerina asked of her mother inquisitively with sparkling eyes.

“Of course, sweetheart, you ARE always the princess of our family.” Mum answered gently with a warm smile.

“Then I will become the bravest princess ever and protect all my family and friends!!”

Items included: nude doll with make-up, wig, dress, tight, head-piece, bag, shoes, under-wear set, cat custom and limited edition postcard

Limited Edition

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