FA0020A Four Kindergartner - Mia

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FA0020A Four Kindergartner - Mia

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Purple, Beige, Light Blue and Pale Pink

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

This year, the theme of our Four Kindergartner is “blessing” – Both blessings received from others, and blessings given to others willingly.

Mia’s mother succeeded the pancake shop from her parents, and continued their family trade to sell Murtabak (a stuffed pancake) together with the help of Mia’s father at the local market.

One day, on a unplanned surprise visit to see her parents at the market, when there was no school; at the main entrance to the market, young Mia almost bumped her head against the head of a freshly caught giant sea turtle, clumsily carried in by a group of fishermen.

The giant turtle, with an outer shell measuring almost 4 feet across; and was very heavy to transport.

Ready to be slaughtered; and to be eventually sold off in cut pieces. the giant turtle kept nodding its’ head towards the crowd of curious spectators gathered around it, in a manner as if it was begging for its life. Two rows of tears seems to streak down its eyes.

Witnessing this occurrence head on, disturbed young Mia immediately ran to her parents for assistance.

When Mia parents returned to see the incidence, they too became very troubled; just like many other onlookers now gathered around the turtle.

Under young Mia’s persistent pleadings, and even though they could not afford it; Mia parents finally decided to pay One Thousand Malaysian Ringgits (Close to US300.- dollars - which was a lot of money at that period) to the fisherman, to buy off the giant turtle and to be release back to sea - at the loud cheers of approval from the surrounding spectators.

To ensure that the giant turtle could continue to live a peaceful life after its release, Mia parent also hired a craftsman friend nearby to gently engrave onto the hard outer shell, in bright red permanent ink, the following words reading: “Released by Mia. Please spare its life.”

Afterwards, Mia’s parent, together with happy Mia in tow, hired an ox cart to carry the giant turtle back to the sea; back to its home habitat.
As the news spread, people all around gathered to witness this heart worming event.

Right before releasing the turtle back into the water, young Mia promptly ran up to the giant turtle, embracing its outer shell; gave the giant turtle a firm parting hug - to the happy cheers and clapping hands of the witnessing crowd.

Once released into the water, the giant turtle did not immediately swim away, but instead floated to the sea surface; nodded its head repeatedly towards Mia and her parent, seeming in a gesture of gratitude; before finally submerging and disappeared from sight.

Everyone present, especially young Mia, was deeply moved by this incidence.

Two years then went by; and this event was almost forgotten.

One summer afternoon, young Mia, went swimming with her father at the ocean beach nearby.

A natural gifted swimmer by birth, Mia had swim various time, in the same ocean beach before, while always under the guidance of grownups. Apparently Mia’s swimming was pretty good.

This day, in the midst of swimming in the shallow waters of the beach, Mia’s father accidentally ran into (or more appropriately swim into), a long lost friend of his; whom Mia’s father then decided stayed to chat.

Freed from supervision, and being on familiar life guide manned beach, cocky little Mia promptly seize the moment; and decided that it was a golden time to prove to her father how good a swimmer she really was; without the need such close constant supervision.

So with her father distracted, Mia jetted off to the deeper end of the ocean by herself.

Minutes out, however, a sudden surge of strong ocean under current abruptly swept little Mia unwillingly towards the open sea.

Terrified, little Mia frantically tried to swim back by herself against the current; which apparently was exactly the wrong thing to do, but could not overcome the strong waves.

Soon, from her panicky reaction, Mia was out of strength and out of breath.
In desperation, all Mia can do was to cry out loudly for help.

Alerted by the cries, Mia father and friend immediately tried to come to Mia rescue but their attempts were blocked by the same strong currents and the distance.

It seems Mia was doomed.

At this critical moment, a mysterious giant tray, suddenly emerged from the water below Mia and lifted Mia up to the water surface, so Mia can breathe again.

Once abroad, young Mia soon passed out from her extreme fear and fatigue, while instinctly locked onto all sides of this giant floating tray using all her limbs.

Strangely this giant tray did not sink; but continued to give Mia the necessary floatation that Mia so desperately needed.
And then the giant tray actually drifted or “more exactly: swim” towards the direction of the beach.

Minutes later, Mia and “the floating tray” were promptly intercepted by the life guide, on a rescue raft; responding to the emergency.

Once possible to do so, Mia was promptly plug from “the floating tray” by the life guide, onto the safety of the life raft.

Once abroad, Mia instinctly woke up.

Looking back into the water, at the mysterious floating tray, Mia saw the unmistakable red engraved words: “Released by Mia. Please spare its life” on the surface of the floating tray.

It was her giant turtle that had saved Mia’s life!!

Once back on the shore, the happily reunited family immediately looked back at the ocean. In the shallow water, they could see the giant turtle still floating nearby.

As a sign of gratitude, Mia’s family gathered in straight horizontal line on the beach, each with their palms together, thumbs locked, their heads bowed, in a local sign of gratitude and salute at the floating giant turtle.

In return, the floating giant turtle, again nodded its head repeatedly, and squeaked out some understandable loud pitch noises; before finally submerging and disappearing from sight.

Everyone on the beach, who witnessed this occurrence, was deeply moved; and later this incidence was hailed as a heavenly magical experience.

In acknowledgement and in gratitude of this magical experience, the village elders later decided and decreed a total ban on all turtle fishing around the nearby coastal water.

And to this date, giant turtles still thrived freely in these Malaysian coastal waters.

Apparently, one good gesture would ultimately be rewarded by another good gesture in return. This is not just true for the human society; but seems to be valid for all living creatures of the world alike.

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Vest, Skirt, Jacket, Under-pants, Sandals, Earrings, Necklace, Hat and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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