FA0019A Four Kindergartner - Jar-Lu

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FA0019A Four Kindergartner - Jar-Lu

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Major Material: Cotton
Major Colour: Beige, Orange and Blue

Wig Size: 5.5 inch

This year, the theme of our Four Kindergartner is “blessing” – Both blessings received from others, and blessings given to others willingly.

This is a story about Jar-Lu’s grandmother Chan Hung; when grandmother Chan Hung was still a young teenager many years ago.

Being from a rural poor family, Chan Hung’s mother, besides attending to her normal family duties; had to weave fabric at home in an effort to supplement income for the family.

Working continuously, at home, with poor lightings and long hours, Chan Hung’s mother soon developed vision problems. Then one night, working late into the night, suddenly, Chan Hung’s mother completely lost her vision.

In panic, the family sought medical helps and tried different medications everywhere, but all to no success.

Witnessing this, young Chan Hung, who was just beginning her primary school educations; all she could do was to help more with various daily family chores best she can after school.

Then one night, worried young Chan Hung, had a dream in her sleep. In her dream, Chan Hung saw a stranger: a beautiful young girl who not only volunteered to help her with the daily family duties; but also told Chan Hung that:
“About 5 miles west of the river creek, amongst the grass meadow, you can find a rare white chrysanthemum flower. This white chrysanthemum flower can cure your mother’s eye problems.

This rare white chrysanthemum flower, can only be found on the 5th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar. Boiled the flower petals of this white chrysanthemum flower; and give the boiled soup to your mother to cure her eye problem. However, you must not tell anyone else about this.”

The following 5th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar, excited young Chan Hung raised up early in the morning. Packed with light essentials, young Chan Hung ventured out by herself, for the first time, to the given location alone; under the pretense of going to the local library.

The grass meadow was full of wild grass and wild flowers. Amongst them, there were many yellow chrysanthemum flowers everywhere; but no sign of any white chrysanthemum flower.

From morning to afternoon, young Chan Hung searched relentlessly. Only in the late afternoon, behind a small isolated earth mount, did young Chan Hung found a pitiful looking sole wild white chrysanthemum flower. This white chrysanthemum flower was very peculiar. This small plant had 9 branches, but only branch bear 1 white flower, with the balance 8 branches just with young buds; no flowers yet.

Relieved, young Chan Hung carefully dig up the solitude white chrysanthemum flower; roots, flower, earth and all; and carefully transplanted them to the back yard of her home.

Under careful daily nursing and carful watering, the white chrysanthemum plant soon flourished. Days later, all the flower buds were in full fragrant blossom; one bloomed flower to each flower branch.

Carefully, young Chan Hung picked one white complete chrysanthemum flower pedals per day, to boil a soup with water for her mother one each day.
On the 7th day, after 7 days of drinking the white chrysanthemum flower soup, Chan Hung’s mother miraculously recovered. The whole family was overjoyed.

The news of this miraculous white chrysanthemum flower spread rapidly. Soon everyone in the village came to witness this miraculous little flower plant first hand.

When the local village tyrant learned of this miraculous white chrysanthemum plant, he, together with his usual gang of thugs, did not only came to look; but on sight of the chrysanthemum plant; also demanded Chan Hung’s family to immediately move the whole white chrysanthemum plant to his own garden.

When Chan Hung’s family resisted, the village tyrant promptly took out a knife, and cut off the plant just above the ground.

A physical struggle for the precious plant ensued.
In the midst of struggle for this precious plant between the 2 parties, unfortunately the tiny white chrysanthemum plant was ultimately broken into many different pieces.

Only then did local village tyrant and his gang left in disgust.
Pained by the sight that what had cured her mother’s precious eyesight was destroyed, all young Chan Hung could do was to cry uncontrollably; until she finally cried herself to sleep, on the floor, while clutching the remains of her beloved white chrysanthemum plant in her tiny hand.

In her sleep, the mysterious beautiful young girl came to Chan Hung again. “Chan Hung, you did well. Don’t be sad. “

In response, Chan Hung sadly commented: “This white chrysanthemum saved my mother’s sight. And yet I kill it. “

The beautiful young girl replied: “The chrysanthemum flower maybe broken, but the roots are still alive. All you have to do is to dig up the roots and plant it again elsewhere. Then the white chrysanthemum flowers will come back.”

Relieved, young Chan Hung asked: “Who are you? Please tell me so that I can remember you.”

The beautiful young girl replied: “I am the fairy of the chrysanthemum flower who came to help you.
Just follow my words and take good care of this chrysanthemum flower for me.”
With that said, the fairy of the chrysanthemum flower disappeared.

Following the instruction of the flower fairy, young Chan Hung carefully and painstakingly nurtured the tiny little plant back to life, for a whole year.

As the chrysanthemum flower fairy predicted: On the following 5th day of the 9th month of the following year of the lunar calendar, again the tiny chrysanthemum plant bloomed!

Learning from their previous lesson, Chan Hung’s family decided, this time, to share the roots and seeds of their precious little plant with all the poor and needy members of their surrounding villages; in order that everyone in need can be helped; and not just to serve the needs of a selected few – as in the case with the greedy village tyrant.

That is why, to this date, every 5th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar, every year, grown up Chan Hung would always make sure her children and grand-children, including her beloved Jar Lu amongst them, would all gathered together to pay an annual tribute to their chrysanthemum flower fairy; while enjoying the beauty of freshly blooming chrysanthemum flowers; and sipping the delicious chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tea? Anyone?

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Top, Skirt, Under-pants, Socks, Shoes, Basket and Limited edition story book

Limited Edition
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